Rail Transport Company

Rail Transport Company

As a rail transport company, we are here to help you with operational services for freight traffic.


What we can do for you:

  • Planning and preparation: developing the scope of services required (transport, personnel, resources, transported goods, train path availability, etc.)
  • Sourcing of resources: personnel, traction units, wagons, track capacity ( routing) and energy (diesel, electricity)
  • Implementation: Processing train and freight documents, stopcock inspections and changeover devices, brake and load calculations, recording wagon and train data, support with checking braking devices
  • Completion and documentation: traffic data (date, train number, train run, etc.), traction unit data, actual timetable with any deviations, personnel data, train documents.


  • Our customers benefit from our years of experience in rail/rail infrastructure system networks
  • Due to continuous expansion and modernisation of our extensive fleet, we can cover practically everything you need.
  • Our flexibility, innovation and customer proximity guarantee customers tailor-made, competent and economic solutions. Plus, we also invest a lot in the continuous education of our employees.