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In our videos, our "Synergy-realisers", "Ideas-on-track-bringers", "Future-track-setters" and "Milestone-setters" introduce themselves and their profession. Take a look at the everyday work of our construction and project managers, industrial employees, managers and commercial clerks.


Employer attractiveness of Rhomberg Bahntechnik from the perspective of our employees

Elsewhere, you may work as a construction manager, accountant or personnel officer. Although the job titles are the same here, the understanding of what's involved is very different. We employ individuals who get ideas on tracks, set milestones or set course for the future. We explain all.

"My biggest challenge so far I mastered in Holland. It was there that for the first time a colleague and I had sole responsibility for a project. During a four-week track closure, all work had to be carried out on schedule. This is no easy task given the high time pressure on such construction sites. Not everything always went smoothly. Fortunately, we have a good culture of error - together with my colleagues and managers I was able to find solutions to any challenges that arose. I learned a great deal."


Site Manager
To the portrait of Magdalena Kranawetter


"Before joining Rhomberg Bahntechnik, I was a project manager for major projects at a large construction company for a decade. While I was still working for this group, I frequently came into contact with Rhomberg Bahntechnik. Even as an outsider, I sensed that there was a special "we" feeling in this business and that the company had a future-oriented management. When I changed jobs, I was given a very warm welcome."

Managing Director for projects in Austria and internationally
To the portrait of Gernot Gassner


"I actually live in Carinthia. So the journey to Bregenz can sometimes be quite strenuous. However, thanks to our flexitime arrangements and the possibility of flexible working even in the home office, I can often move my workplace to my home. This flexibility not only has advantages for me, but also for the business, as I am closer to some construction sites. With this model, I have found a family-friendly solution that suits me."

Assembly Supervisor
To the portrait of Helmut Zabernig


"What I appreciate about my job is the freedom the company gives me - for example, when it comes to making my own decisions. Furthermore, I can and shall assume responsibility. I can work extremely flexibly and freely in my field of activity. There is a lot of trust in the employees, which is very positive."

Construction/sub-project manager
To the portrait of Markus Hertnagel


"I am a generator of ideas, because I put my colleagues' resourceful flashes of inspiration from planning and construction management into concrete terms. I spin the ideas further and turn them into something solid and tangible. I am proud when I can provide a practical solution to a problem."

Senior Fitter
To the portrait of Michael Traar

"Sustainability is essentially a value that we live by. And it' s taken seriously by our management, which I really appreciate. I also like the atmosphere in our company: It is about working together and not against each other. In other words: Not only is everyone pulling on the same rope, they're also pulling in the same direction!"

Business Field Manager
To the portrait of Hubertus Ruess

"Our business is progressive, for instance with its openness towards digitalisation: our working tools and equipment are state-of-the-art, and our collaboration platform "MyNet" simplifies the handling of projects immensely."

To the portrait of Kai Ziegler

Get your career on track with us

As proud innovators in the realm of digitalisasion, we’re here to inspire our customers with efficient and economical railway solutions. But to do this, we need a team of reliable, ambitious, and solution-oriented employees. We need people who come up with ideas, create milestones and most importantly, fit. Putting it simply, we need people who want to impact the future.

We rely on the trust and a high degree of self-responsibility from our employees - and also give them the relevant freedom. We pride ourselves on fostering great relationships between our employees, customers, and network partners. This is our culture. For us, people are at their most successful when they are in their right environment, which is what we’re here to build.

Job Vacancies
Job Vacancies
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Hop aboard Rhomberg Bahntechnik and benefit from:

Reliability and stability


We are a family business and we think in generations, because we want to be here for generations to come.



Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group has placed sustainability at the core of what we do. Throughout every project, experienced engineers strive to achieve ecologically and economically the best solutions out there. Sustainability also plays an important role in how we recruit. We’re looking for long-term employees.



We rely on the trust and a high degree of self-responsibility from our employees - and also give them the relevant freedom. We pride ourselves on fostering great relationships between our employees, customers, and network partners. This is our culture. For us, people are at their most successful when they are in their right environment, which is what we’re here to build.

Education and training


Our in-house academy offers a wide range of courses to ensure that our employees can develop both professionally and personally.



Because of our company's size, we can continuously offer our employees new, large, and interesting tasks.

Our Recruiting Team - We are here for you
Sabrina Krassnitzer
Sabrina Krassnitzer
HR Rhomberg Bahntechnik Österreich
Heike Heising
Heike Heising
HR Rhomberg Sersa Bahntechnik Deutschland
Cristina Ranaudo
Cristina Ranaudo
HR Rhomberg Bahntechnik AG / HR Sersa Group AG (Schweiz)
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