Heitersbergtunnel - Ballast track replacement by slab track


Ballast track replacement by slab track


Heitersbergtunnel, ballast track replacement W201­W204 and slab track rail 311 + 411


Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB

Location: Canton Aargau, Switzerland
Construction Period:

01/2014 ­- 12/2015

Executing Company:

Rhomberg Bahntechnik GmbH
(General Contractor)

Contract Value:

4,50 Mio CH


The Rhomberg Bahntechnik GmbH was general contractor concerning the order for the redevelopment of the
superstructure of Heitersbergtunnel.

The Heitersbergtunnel, located in the East of Canton Aargau, is a main part of the connection Zurich ­ Bern.

The blocking time was calculated being 56 hours. During that period the following works had been carried out:

  • a track switch, installed in slab track system, has been removed
  • the track support plate has been milled off and the new track switch (System LVT) has been installed, calibrated and encased in concrete
  • The safety personnel that is necessary for construction works during ongoing train traffic and the building logistics were provided by three 160 metre maximum length construction trains.


Track switches:
3 units EW IV­900­G­1:19­F/Be
1 unit EW IV­B­1:19­F/Be
approx. 1200 square metres for track supporting slab removal
88 units AT­Rail welding

Rail 311/411:
Mounting of 1300 metres BI­Block LVT­Railway sleepers
2 units junction slab track ­ ballast bed
2 units load distribution rails
20 units AT­Rail welding

3 units 4­axle locomotives
8 units 4­axle rail wagons
8 units 8­axle NT­wagons
2 units water wagons/tank­wagons

1 unit Access systm ZOKA
3 men Job coordination
24 men safety personnel