Milestone at the Koralm Tunnel

Milestone at the Koralm Tunnel

First track support slabs are laid.

4868 photos, 400 plans, 437.8 m³ of concrete - these are the figures so far, which have been collected since the beginning of the implementation work of the first sections of the Koralm Tunnel and the approach since the beginning of May. The joint venture "FF Koralm" was awarded the contract for the railroad infrastructure of the Koralm Tunnel last year. Since May of this year, the joint venture partners PORR Bau and Rhomberg Bahntechnik have been building the 34.1 kilometre-long section of the "Koralm Railway" and are supporting all further construction measures up to commissioning.

By taking over the first section, the teams of the various areas of activity could start work immediately, so that the on-site team is 72 people strong just a short time after the start of construction.

A particular highlight of the initial phase of this major project is the construction of the test track at West Styria station, where the construction methodology as well as the materials can be tested right at the beginning and improved if necessary.

Construction work can also begin in the tunnel in the area of the central shafts and temporary work systems. For this, Rhomberg Bahntechnik is also acting as a subcontractor for the installation of the safety control centre for the electrical systems in the tunnel.