Customer Magazine “keep track“: the successful duo man - machine

Customer Magazine “keep track“: the successful duo man - machine

Continuous further development is at the centre of our activities and actions within the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group. To do so, we must make optimum use of the potential offered by technologies and our modern machines. But that alone - without people - is of little use to us. It is our employees who, with their experience and knowledge, drive constant innovation and get the best possible results from their "colleagues on wheels". In the current issue of our customer magazine "keep track" you can read how the successful duo man - machine enables us to position the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group as a technology leader and support our customers with outstanding quality, safety and efficiency:

We take advantage of digitalisation by implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM), for example. We also rely on innovation for Deutsche Bahn, for the maintenance of the Bergünerstein Tunnel and for the re-design of King's Cross Station in London. Our ultra-modern machines were able to impress for instance in the renovation of the Capolago-Monte Generoso rack railway line in Switzerland, and with our new E3 machines we are taking the next step in the development of machine technology. And the fact that we have nevertheless performed our best for our customers in the unexpected situation around COVID-19, in compliance with all safety measures, is demonstrated by many projects around the globe.

With this magazine, we also express our appreciation to you as a customer, partner or interested party and thank you for your trust. We hope you enjoy reading it.


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