High Speed Line

High Speed Line

Cologne/Rhine-­Main Lot C


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Cologne/Rhine-­Main Lot C


Walter-Heilit­-Verkehrswegebau GmbH

Location: Germany
Construction period:

09/2000 -­ 6/2001

Executing Companies: Rhomberg Bahntechnik GmbH
(in consortium with Bahnbau Wels GmbH)
Contract Value:

2,30 Mio EUR


We conducted this project as sub­contractor for Walter­HeilitVerkehrswegebau (a member of a superior consortium).

  • GRP­network with fixed points on the track trough
  • Rough and fine track adjustment
  • High precision adjustment and fixation of approx. 42 kms of track
  • Documentation of alignment data before casting concrete
  • Network equalisation/post­processing of alignment data
  • Cast 23 km (incl. 4.2 km in tunnel) concrete using an in­house developed concrete pouring machine / controlled releasing of the fixed track on top of the freshly cast concrete
  • Post­alignment and documentation of the nominal/actual value comparison of the finished track
  • Develop our own adjustment/fixation system using temporary rails