New high-speed line Wendlingen-Ulm: The people behind the project

New high-speed line Wendlingen-Ulm

The people behind the project

120 kilometres of slab track, 2 large bridges, 150 workers on duty at the same time, 24 switches, 12 tunnels, 60 kilometres of slab track in tunnels, 250 million Euros contract volume - these are the impressive figures for the Wendlingen-Ulm high-speed line. Rhomberg Bahntechnik and Swietelsky AG, which together form the joint venture Bahntechnik Schwäbische Alb (ABSA), are in charge of track construction and railway technology for this major project.

Most impressive though are the people who are behind such a large-scale project and whose daily efforts make it possible for plans to turn into reality. In our latest short clip on ABSA, we therefore focus on the people behind the Wendlingen-Ulm new line project and find out what makes them most proud of their work.

We hope you enjoy it!

Neubau Schnellfahrstrecke Wendlingen-Ulm Die Menschen hinter dem Projekt