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Helmut Zabernig

The assembly supervisor reports on his work at Rhomberg Bahntechnik.





More finesse at Rhomberg Bahntechnik

It was about 9 years ago that I started my career at Rhomberg Bahntechnik as a fitter for the electrical equipment of railway lines. After completing my apprenticeship in electrical engineering, I worked as an industrial electrician for a furniture company and as an electrician for tunnel boring machines for a large construction company. The work there was rather rugged and included temporary site installation and maintenance. I longed for projects that would again require more sensitivity and technical skills. At that time, Rhomberg Bahntechnik was looking for skilled workers for the Unterinntalbahn project. I was attracted to the field of work as an electrical engineer in railway construction, so I joined Rhomberg Bahntechnik.

I'm learning a lot

I took my first steps in the Unterinntal project and was able to learn a lot right from the start. For the operation of some devices and machines I first had to get a certification. Rhomberg Bahntechnik made it possible for me to obtain this, which will also be a great benefit to me in the future. My colleagues have comprehensive technical know-how in their respective fields, which they do not keep to themselves, but share with others. I greatly admire this way of handling knowledge in business. I also like the structures that a company of Rhomberg Bahntechnik's dimensions offers. The work equipment is state of the art and if additional equipment is required, it is available.

Helmut Zabernig
"Rhomberg Bahntechnik made it possible for me to obtain a necessary certification, which will also be a great benefit to me in the future."
Helmut Zabernig
Assembly supervisor

Family-friendly through flexibility

As an assembly supervisor I am by now no longer employed as a wage employee, but as a regular employee. I can now be found both in the office in Bregenz and on the various construction sites. I actually live in Carinthia and the journey to Bregenz can sometimes be strenuous. However, thanks to our flexitime arrangements and the possibility of working flexibly, even in the home office, I can often move my workplace to my home. This flexibility not only has advantages for me, but also for the business, as I am closer to some construction sites. With this model, I have found a family-friendly solution that suits me.

What makes you a “ideas-on-track-bringer“?

I receive ideas in the form of circuit diagrams and implementation plans and as an ideas-on-track-bringer I put these theoretical considerations into practice. I install switch cabinets for 50 Hz systems, check the monitoring technology, commission the systems and build other components of the electrical equipment on the track - I basically bring electricity to the track.