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Gernot Gassner

The Managing Director for projects in Austria and internationally reports on his work at Rhomberg Bahntechnik.



My move to a family-run business

Like many people in the industry, I started out by completing from technical college for civil engineering and then becoming a site manager at a civil engineering company. Before joining Rhomberg Bahntechnik, I was a project manager for major projects at a major construction company for a decade. While I worked for this company, I frequently came into contact with Rhomberg Bahntechnik. Even as an outsider, I sensed that there was a special sense of togetherness in this company and that the business had a future-oriented leadership. I stayed in touch and when I no longer felt comfortable in the group structures of my previous employer, I was warmly welcomed to Rhomberg Bahntechnik. I now appreciate working in a family-run company where decision-making paths are short and hierarchies are flat. The focus here is not just on profit, but the needs of employees and other stakeholders are also listened to. The business does not live in the moment, but thinks ahead - there is an openness for new ideas and people are willing to invest in them. I like this commitment to developing the Group further.

I am proud of my team

By now I am Managing Director for projects in Austria and internationally (Scandinavia, etc.). During my work, cultural differences accompany me every day. Every country ticks differently and relationships have to be built differently - this makes every project abroad a special challenge. That´s why I am all the more proud when our team on site has done the best possible job and we can hand over the completed project to satisfied customers. I can rely on the fact that at the individual locations and in the headquarters there are colleagues who work on our projects with all their hearts and always contribute their thoughts.

Gernot  Gassner
"For 7 years now I have had the privilege of helping to shape the path of Rhomberg Bahntechnik as Managing Director."
Gernot Gassner
Managing Director for projects in Austria and internationally

My challenges

We are always looking for motivated and committed employees for upcoming major projects. Recruitment is one of my greatest challenges. With lifestyle models and individual development opportunities, I want to give applicants a vision of where they can go together with Rhomberg Bahntechnik. Each of us has the opportunity to develop within the business adapted to our own personal circumstances. Career goals are set and pursued together, for example through training courses and seminars supported by the business.

What do you deal with as a “future-track-setter“?

"As a future-track-setter, I deal with fundamental questions: What does it take for us to remain competitive? How do we want to present ourselves in the future? How can we stay one step ahead of our competitors? How do we remain attractive for employees and applicants? I observe developments and analyse if they are important for the business and our employees or if they bring added value for our customers. If this is the case, I lay the foundation for further actions in the business."